Anxiety Over  


How to Eliminate Anxiety and Find your Passion and Excitement for Life Again.... in Just 5 Weeks

Does this sound like you?

- Do you feel like no one really understands you and you’re alone with your problems?

- Do family members tell you just to snap out of it or suck it up?

- Do you think that you're on the wrong medication or that medication isn’t right for you?

- Are you often upset because just when you feel you’ve overcome anxiety it shows up again the next day? - Do you wish you could just feel normal again?

- Do you wonder if you’re going crazy and if it’s always going to be this way?

- Are you anxious in social situations? - Are you anxious when you travel?

What Would Life Be Like If…

- You could wake up in the morning and be anxiety free…

- Or go to bed at night and be able to sleep soundly because you are completely relaxed… -You could meet new people, make new friends and visit new places without any worry of becoming anxious… -

- You could go for a new job or start a new business

- You could invest in yourself on a regular basis -

- You could smile and explore and have adventures all while being relaxed and comfortable in your own skin

Course Outline

Week 1:

- Why do we get Anxiety in the first place
- What Anxiety feels like - Why we are wired to have some Anxiety in our lives
- Why you are not alone in this struggle
-I'll share how I overcame Anxiety and some of the tools that you can start using in your life straight away
- We will cover the "LEAN IN" (Look, Embrace, Action, Non Resistance, Investing in yourself, Never settle) approach in detail

Week 2:

- How Anxiety isn't permanent and YOU can start to build an anxiety free future - Daily habits that you can implement immediately
- Why Anxiety makes us feel broken and what you can do about it
- How to avoid people that make you feel bad - How to disarm Anxiety & STOP a panic attack
- A walkthrough of Tim's Less Anxiety. More Life Checklist

Week 3:

- My 12 Step Process to Feeling Good - Diet, Exercise, lifestyle - Some hacks you can implement and things you should definitely avoid
- Journaling
- How to do it, how long it takes, what it will do for you

- Meditation
- How to do it, how long it takes, what it will do for you

Week 4:

- Expansion time! - How to work towards you IDEAL day
- How to uncover your passion
- How to stop playing small and step past Anxiety to live a bigger life
- Why it's so important to be aligned to your truth and how you can do that

Week 5:

- Why it's so important to put yourself first
- Why fear is an indicator that you're moving in the right direction
- How you can continue to recover from Anxiety
- What the 3 major factors are that define happiness
- How to deal with Anxiety relapses
- Time to go Big!

Having completed Tim's 5 week Anxiety Over course, I cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone struggling with anxiety and feeling unsure how to start their recovery.
It's a great, budget-friendly option for anyone looking to take the first steps to overcome anxiety.  

The course offers practical advice on how to tackle your anxiety and panic in the shorter term, and plenty of ideas for how we can think more positively towards the future.  
Personally, I have got so much out of working through this course and taking the action steps recommended to try.

Tim delivers the material in his trademark straight-forward, honest way that you will know from the podcast.   It is so content-rich, that I'm sure I will continue to get more from the course as I come back to it over time. 

Best wishes,

"Being a client of yours is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made." - Terri Penshorn