The Easiest Way to Feel Less Anxiety and More Just a Few Minutes Per Day

Are you tired of waking up everyday with a knot in your stomach?

Do you feel at the end of the day that you've just managed to survive. Only to go back into battle with anxiety the following day. 

If you're like me you probably feel like you've tried a lot of different things and they just don't make you feel better. 

When I began to journal, it was like I was creating the script for my own life. The things I wrote about started showing up.

This is why I’ve created The Anxiety Journal. I wanted to apply the profound power of journaling to the problem of anxiety.

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When you write down what you want you cement those desires into your consciousness. But building habits takes time. Completing the daily and weekly activities in this journal will have a direct impact on your results. 


We need support when suffering anxiety even when we don’t believe in ourselves. This journal will support and inspire you to ask for more in your own life. Using this journal daily means investing in YOU daily.


As one of my mentors, Philip McKernan, says, “You can’t motivate people to do anything, but you can inspire them.” The quotes and stories in this journal are designed to inspire. They will provide a lighthouse to show you the way. 


Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Each day and week the journal will assist you in making small incremental steps to improve your life. You will grow if you continue to do the work.


You are not alone. By using this journal you’ll be joining a community that wants to recover. Our goal isn’t to support you to cope it’s to help you change.


Anxiety sucks the confidence out of us and makes us feel weak. Our selfesteem takes a beating and survival feels like an accomplishment.. By investing in yourself daily and with the help of this journal your confidence will grow. From a tiny seed your confidence will grow.


The tools in this journal will get you moving in the right direction. When a car has wornout tires and damaged suspension, the steering wheel begins to shake. Anxiety is your shaky steering wheel it’s a reflection of being out of alignment. Your cause may be a job, a relationship, location, selfawareness, or something else.. If any of these things are out of alignment, your shaky steering wheel of anxiety (and often panic) will show up.

Less Anxiety, More Life Community

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Through my podcast, writing, speaking, and coaching I’ve been lucky to meet some wonderful people. These are people who are dedicated to overcoming anxiety, working on themselves and just flat out having better lives. I love being surrounded by uplifting individuals who see the upside in supporting others while growing themselves.

We'd love you to join us. Our community members share insights from the work they’re doing on themselves, pictures, inspiration, and even sometimes a challenge they’re facing where they could use your help and support. I check into the group daily and would love to see you there.

A Word From The Author

“The lessons you’ll read about and the techniques you’ll practice in this journal will make a huge difference in your life. These are the exact methods I’ve used to first manage and eventually overcome anxiety in my life. These days I still have anxious moments. Who doesn’t? But the overwhelming fear and panic is gone from my life. By using the techniques and practices in this journal you can walk the same path of an anxiety free life..”

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